Immigration Journalism Award

Each year, the French-American Foundation recognizes the work of journalists published in French or English on the topic of immigration and integration, during a ceremony and panel discussion held in New York.

Since 2011, when the program was launched, the Immigration Journalism Award has recognized outstanding journalism, highlighting the important role journalists plays in enriching and informing the public debate on this complex and often controversial topic. One award is given for reporting in English, and the Prix TF1 is awarded for excellence in immigration coverage in French.

The 2015 Immigration Journalism Award Winners were: 

François Dufour, Prix TF1 winner, for the series, “Lampedusa Migrant Crisis Explained to the Young Ones,” a series of articles exploring the Italian island now notorious as a mass entry point for clandestine immigrants from Africa hoping to land upon European Union soil en route to other various European destinations. The series of articles – “Le Périple de Sihan, 17 ans, Africaine Réfugiée en Europe,” L’ACTU; “De l’Afrique à L’Europe, Destin d’un Boat People,” L'ÉCO; “Des Milliers d’Africains Naviguent vers Europe,”MON QUOTIDIEN – were published in a group of magazines published by Play Bac Presse with a readership of French and European adolescents, often distributed in schools.

Maria Sacchetti, Immigration Journalism Award winner, for “The Unforgotten,” a story published in The Boston Globe linking one Boston family’s struggle to discover what had become of a family member who left his home in El Salvador to return to the United States and the thousands of illegal migrants who have perished in the past decades crossing the southern U.S. border, many never identified, buried without ceremony, casket, or name, leaving their families on both sides of the immigration route uncertain of their fate.

In 2015, the Foundation also recognized two submissions with honorable mentions:


Daniel Gonzalez and Bob Ortega ("Pipeline of Children: A Border Crisis," The Arizona Republic) 

Rachel Nolan ("Displaced in the DR," Harper’s)

VIEW PHOTOS / WATCH VIDEO of the Immigration Journalism Awards ceremony on November 12, 2015.

In addition to the awards presentation, keynote speaker Philippe Bolopion, United Nations & Crisis Advocacy Director for Human Rights Watch, discussed the human-rights implications of the global migration crisis seen in the past year.

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